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Newbie Poker Player: What is Rush Poker?

If you are just starting out with poker, you may not have heard of Rush Poker, but it is a new and exciting take on traditional poker that is more fast-paced. By understanding how it works, you can determine whether or not you should try it out.

How it Works

When you play rush poker, you sit at a table quickly and begin playing. The moment you fold a hand, you will be moved to a new table and you will be given a new hand. You do not have to wait, so if you are the kind of player who does not have any patience at all, this may be the best kind of poker for you. When you play this game, the first table you are involved with will not even know you folded until it is your turn.

Benefits and Disadvantages

One of the great benefits of playing rush poker is that it is exciting and you do not have to worry about certain types of strategy, such as reading opponents. Because everything is happening so quickly, you will not have time to read the opponents correctly. This is also a disadvantage for individuals used to winning through that particular strategy. Keep in mind, though, that your opponents share this disadvantage with you.

The game is for individuals who feel that traditional poker is a little too slow or boring and those who do not like the wait times with traditional poker. If you enjoy the tense moments of traditional poker and like waiting and reading opponents, rush poker may not be the game for you.