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Poker: How to Tell What Your Opponents Have

While you cannot read minds while playing poker, there are some specific tricks and strategies for being able to tell what cards your opponents have, or at least what sort of hand they are holding. By learning these tricks, you can increase your poker skill and have a better chance of winning.

Understanding the Players

The first trick to understanding what your opponents have involves understanding your opponents. Do they bet aggressively when they have a semi-good hand, or do they stay reserved until they have an excellent hand? Watch how they play throughout the game in order to read them. This way, you can read their 'tells' when it really counts and end up beating them at their own games.

Players Who Stand

If you notice a player 'standing' in a hand and you have never seen them do this before, the chances are that they have an excellent hand, or one that came at them as a flush, straight, or even a straight flush. If you see them standing more than once or often, the chances are that they are bluffing and they probably have a mediocre hand. You can use this to your advantage by calling their bluffs and seeing the hand through to the end.


Finally, understand that if a player bets high and then draws any card, the chances are good that they are working with a pair or two. The draw might be to complete the hand and get a premium hand. If they have an excellent hand already, they are not going to draw. Often times, they will bet high in the beginning to try and build the pot before they seek their final hand.

By understanding these tips, you can better determine the kind of hand your opponents are holding and then use that information as the basis for your own moves.