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Should You Play Small Ball Poker?

One strategy that many individuals use is playing 'small ball poker', where they are able to minimize the pot size. This is a great strategy to use against experienced players and can help minimize the pot size, and it can also save you from losing too much. It has been popularized by Daniel Negreanu, who is famed for playing small ball poker.

The Benefits

When you check often and raise with small bet sizes, you are able to experiment more without losing a lot of your money. It also allows you to see what the other players might be up to. When you play small ball poker, you typically bet a small percentage of what you would typically bet--usually between 50 to 75%. It minimizes the risks involved in building pots and will help you gain a huge amount of experience.


When you are playing small ball poker, other players are able to see the flops cheaply and you may not get a lot out of the pot. Other players will likely be skating along with non-premium hands and you will not get a lot, even though you are carrying a premium hand. Small ball poker also does not work well on inexperienced players or fish, so it is not beneficial if you most often play against these types of opponents.

You can try out small ball poker and see whether it is a strategy that will work for you. The benefit is that you can try it out without losing a lot of money, so it is not expensive to determine whether or not it is the strategy for you.