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The Benefits of Bluffing

While bluffing can be a pain sometimes, there are great benefits to it. There is a little trick you can use called advertising that will really work in combination with bluffing to help you steal great pots. Here is how you do it:


When you want players to think you bluff often so that you have a chance of beating them out of a great pot, then you need to advertise. Make sure the players who are qualified and skilled are watching as you bluff, and make sure they know you bluffed. You can do this a few times, but be sure to spread it out so they do not know you are advertising. Essentially, you will want to make your bluffs obvious, but make the other players at the table think that you are simply making bad judgment calls.

Take The Pot

Once you know the players have paid attention to you, you are going to want to pretend to bluff again, but make sure you have a winning hand. This works best when other players are raising and believe that they are going to win the pot, but you know your hand is stronger. They are going to think you are bluffing, so you go ahead and when they call, you will win the pot.

You can utilize bluffing and advertising to your advantage if you play correctly. This works very well against experienced players who are watching their opponents' strategies in order to have a better chance of winning. Be careful when you use this too often, though, because it could make the other players clam up each time you bluff, making it impossible to win anything from them.