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When to Play Drawing Hands in Poker

If you are new to poker, you have probably heard the term 'drawing hand', but you may not be sure of what it means. If you are not new to poker, you may still want to know when a drawing hand should be played and when it should not. In simple terms, a drawing hand is a hand that is one or more cards away from being a premium hand, such as a flush, a straight, or a straight flush.

When to Play Drawing Hands

Many poker players will tell you that you should always play drawing hands. However, that is not necessarily true. If you have Aces or other high cards, you should consider playing the drawing hand. However, if you have a non-premium drawing hand, you could end up setting yourself up for a big disappointment if another opponent has the premium hand and wins the pot. Therefore, if you have higher cards with a drawing hand, it is always a good idea to play.

Betting High with Drawing Hands

Ideally, you should be able to lead your opponents to bet well when you have a premium drawing hand, so that when you hit the pot, it will be a great one. You might start off betting conservatively and then start betting higher after the flop. If you have advertised that you are a bluffer, your opponents might continue to raise, building the pot up for you to take.

You should not always play the drawing hands, but if you have a premium drawing hand, you should always play it. The chances of someone else beating you are very, very slim.